In the words of Aaron Lewis…

…It’s been a while.  Not sure who Aaron Lewis is?  Look it up.  I feel compelled.  Driven.  And this seems like the natural way to get that OUT THERE.  Personal development is great, but connection with others is necessary in order to reach full potential.

It would almost feel like sacrilege to write something without trying to include something of value for the world out there.  Well, today’s (infinitely simple) piece of guidance is…


You can find myriad websites online telling you to do this.  I’m not going to add much value to the discussion, other than a little anecdote which might make your morning and your life happier.  You may have heard that a cold shower “has been shown” (whatever that means) to alleviate depression.  While not clinically diagnosed, I am often feeling down at 6:30 AM when I’d rather be in bed.  It shouldn’t be so; we should wake up seeing the day ahead of us as another one to ATTACK and DOMINATE.  And a cold shower might just help you with that.

My cold-water reflex is singing.  Ironically, I felt like going with Cake’s “Sheep Go To Heaven,” exclaiming that “I’m not feeling all right today.”  But once the lines were uttered, I was feeling all right.

I must bid you adieu, and I hope everyone out there is feeling all right.  There is Bulletproof Coffee ™ to be made, and shelf exams to crush.


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