Your NPR Name

NPRIn recent times, I’ve been listening to a lot more NPR. There are many pressing issues (health-care, elections, wars) that both the country and world are facing, and it is nice to be up-to-snuff on these talking points.

I’ve been pleasantly plagued by the unbelievable names that the anchors have. Soterios Johnson? ME-shell Norris? Giles Snyder?

While I can’t take credit for this, I will share with you how to find your own NPR Name.

1. Insert the first letter of your middle name into your first name, maintaining the order of the original letters.

2. Replace your last name (entirely) with the smallest place you’ve ever visited.

Brian Radvansky would be a bumbling amateur on-air. Briman William Creek, Domestic Correspondent, can hang with Ofeibea Quist-Arcton any day.

Post your NPR name in the comments. You’ll be broadcasting in no time. Have fun!

5 responses to “Your NPR Name

  1. Good morning! You’re listening to Kimj El Regadio!!! ….I don’t even know how you would go about pronouncing my first name with a “J” attached…but suddenly my identity becomes meshed in with a culture I have never personally identified with before and I think it would take time getting used to haha…perhaps I would take up spanish to fit the role more appropriately?

  2. Kimj has almost a Sanskrit feel. If you say it really slowly it sounds like a mantra. And you know better. NPR reporters would never use exclamation marks in their introduction. They are way more subdued. If only there was a punctuation mark that was an anti-exclamation. Like an under-stator.

  3. Amichelle Sausalito

    L’Eric Sanford

  4. here now, D’Matthew Tioga…

  5. This is great. I believe I would be Dawayne Ponca

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