Ein Moment

I’ve been pretty busy, but wanted to share this brief piece I penned on Valentine’s Day of the past year. How appropriate. The setting is Sydney’s botanical gardens. I sit, alone, in a gazebo. As the threat of a storm sets in, there is an paradoxical feeling of connection to the things around me, despite the solitude. Creativity strikes, and the result is as seen below.

Recommendation: Outside Magazine has a great article in print (and online) about bike commuting to work. I personally find riding a bike to be one of life’s great joys. If you do to, check out the article, and if its within reason, hop on two wheels to get there.

And go sit outside for 10 minutes. Listen to the sounds of the world around you, not an iPod. Whether in a city or in the boonies, you should feel and hear the world breathing around you.

Ein Moment

Forever, I’ll have the moment of our goodbye branded into my eyes and heart. One of the overlooked advantages of height is that girls have to reach up high with their heads, looking up to the heavens in hopes of receiving a kiss. The ball is then in his court; the balance of power shifts to the tall, strong man. She begs, with closed eyes, and he succumbs. The image of her closed eyes, soft skin, and pursed lips will never escape me. When time slows down, when split seconds last eternities, I will find her there. Goodbye sweet princess, and thank you for your heart.

One response to “Ein Moment

  1. Very beautiful piece there

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