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He told me to put a desk in my room.  “You’ll accomplish more sitting upright than you will laying in bed with a laptop on your non-existent lap.”  I retrieved the desk from the basement, only to find that without Ikea’s proprietary swivel wrench, screwing in these bolts would be nearly impossible.  Serendipity shined upon me, and like a gift from God, there it was, sitting atop the bookcase.  With the desk assembled, the chair in place, and the headphones on, productivity ensued and the blog was born.

It seemed as though not having a blog in contemporary society puts you at a disadvantage of sorts.  Blogs continue to become a more and more important vehicle for self-promotion, web presence and exposure, marketing, venting, reviewing, and sharing one’s self with the world.  The time has come, and here we are.

Striving for Greatness will be my (adaptable) vehicle for musings, advice, discussing self-awareness, social commentary, travel, money, observations, and other brilliant thoughts that I can dig from the collective unconscious.  The goal is to streamline down to a more concise topic, but it is better for me to be up and running than waiting and thinking and waiting some more.

So enjoy what you find, link me, stay tuned for frequent updates, and feel free to email things that you would like input or an entry on.

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